A better way to manage aging inventory

Aged inventory can be a dealer’s biggest drain on profit.  Frontline Central’s revolutionary new Inventory Management Tool helps you automatically sell aged cars faster.  It’s simple: Triple your exposure while the cars stay on your lot to avoid the cost and risk of shipping them to auction.  No need to give up the retail option.  Pay nothing unless and until it’s sold.  The future of inventory management is here.

Your source for quality frontline cars – guaranteed

You’ll find only one type of car at Frontline Central’s live simulcast auctions: Guaranteed Frontline Ready.  That means if there’s a problem with the car, we’ll find it first.

  • Avoid the time and cost of running it through your shop
  • Get a faster turnaround with a quality car that’s ready to sell

Win-win for buyers and sellers

  • Sellers minimize the loss from aged cars by maximizing the opportunity to sell faster
  • Buyers lower their risk and turnaround time with cars that are Guaranteed Frontline Ready to sell

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